Mario Nicolas, Ph.D

Hi, I’m Dr. Mario Nicolas. I am a Ph.D. (Penn State, 2002) trained Clinical Psychologist, with extensive experience in military mental health (Maj [Ret. – 2014]; USAF), clinical neuropsychology (fellowship trained; Univ. of Virginia Medical School [2005-07]), and Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH; past-USAF program consultant [2015-20]). If you want to learn more, check me out on LinkedIn. I provide virtual individual therapy to adults, and am available on weekday evenings and weekend mornings. I consider myself a cognitive-behavioral therapist, strongly influenced by Acceptance Commitment Therapy. My style of interaction is patient-centered & culturally sensitive; and I consider hearing (not just listening-to) my patient’s situation

(your “story”) to be my most important task. I incorporate motivational interviewing, and the science of behavior-change, into everything that I do.

At our initial visit we will go-through a five-stage process:

Stage 1: We discuss legal matters and confidentiality;

Stage 2: We discuss your “story,” and I will a) review information I received about your situation, b) ask you follow-up questions, and c) briefly paraphrase things you are saying (just to make sure I am hearing you);

Stage 3: we spend 1 – 2 minutes summarizing your overall story and checking-in with you to make sure that we are both on the “same page;”

Stage 4: we discuss a plan of treatment that works best for you

Stage 5: we schedule follow-up appointments and/or discuss other administrative matters.