How It Works

Telepsychiatry in Primary Care

Integrating Telepsychiatry into Primary Care.


Online Treatment for Depression

Connecting psychiatry to Consumers anywhere.


Online Treatment for PTSD

Reaching people with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) where they need us.


You will be able to choose the provider that is right for you, and you can alternate caregivers at any time.

Get Connected

Connect to your doctor or therapist from any private, comfortable location. Our services are accessible with any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with a webcam and high speed internet connection. Healthlinknow utilizes secure videoconferencing technology to provide you with safe and easy appointments. You will meet with your provider in real time, and have an in-depth conversation just like you would in a traditional office.

Our providers each specialize in one or more areas of therapy, as listed in their profile. You can also choose based on available appointment times, or licenses and certifications. You can peruse our list of providers at your convenience, or you can consult your personal Care Navigator for selection assistance.

We are available at any time through our secure messaging system. Send confidential messages to your Care Navigator or Doctor, and receive a prompt response. You can access your electronic health record, treatment plan, prescription information, and educational material that relates to your symptoms. The dashboard also allows transfer of information to your primary care physician or other healthcare providers, so your team can stay up to date and make the best informed decisions for your treatment options.

What is a Care Navigator?

Care Navigators are here to guide you through each step of the HealthLinkNow process. Whether you need help setting up your account, or have questions about your doctor or your treatment plan, your assigned Care Navigator is available to help. Each Care Navigator is extensively trained on our technology system, and is familiar with your needs and your doctor. Think of them as your personal mental health assistant.