Telemedicine In the Emergency Room

Brian is brought to an Emergency Department (ED) by police because he was found drunk and disorderly in the streets after assaulting a passer-by and threatening to kill himself. After a few hours in the ED, by which time he had sobered up, he admitted to having large debts through unsuccessful gambling. He felt distressed and angry about this. The ED physician requests a psychiatric consultation to determine the diagnosis and whether Brian is a risk of harm to himself or others, and whether he needs hospitalization.

Brian was sent home with his family in less than four hours and through the HLN patient portal was able to arrange follow up visits for more counseling.

The ED physician connected Brian to a HealthLinkNow psychiatrist via telepsychiatry within two hours. Following the online consultation, the HLN psychiatrist informed the ED physician that Brian has depression, that it is safe to send him home but that he needs continuing treatment, both medication and therapy, as an outpatient.

Brian was sent home with his family in less than four hours. In the comfort of his home, Brian was able to read about his depression and his gambling through the HLN patient portal. He  also arranged follow up visits with the HLN psychiatrist, and with an HLN therapist for counseling.

Brian received the right care in a timely, confidential and convenient manner and was connected to comprehensive follow up care. The ED bed was made available for another patient and an unnecessary expensive inpatient stay was avoided.