Personal & Private Therapy in the Home

Mary successfully worked her way through college and law school and by her mid 30’s was in a position to gain a partnership in a large law firm. While competing for the promotion she had always wanted, she fell in love with her colleague, who was also after the same promotion. Mary’s performance at work began to deteriorate and she worried constantly what others thought about her. She felt stressed all the time. She started losing weight and having episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. Mary researched her symptoms on the internet and decided that she needed confidential counseling to help her make the best decisions regarding the challenges of her work and her relationship.

I’m stressed all the time,  losing weight and am having panic attacks.

Mary requested a private, self-pay consultation with an online HealthLinkNow telepsychiatrist because she did not want the stigma of psychiatric treatment to be known to her health insurance company, and potentially to her employer who provided her insurance. Her psychiatrist diagnosed an anxiety disorder.

Mary was started on appropriate medications, and attended 20 sessions of insight-oriented psychotherapy given by a licensed HLN psychologist after work hours. Mary and her boyfriend also attended some joint sessions with the telepsychiatrist aimed at exploring and clarifying the work and personal boundaries in their relationship.