Privacy and Dignity

Nick was a marine who had undertaken three tours in Iraq before retiring from the military after 20 years of service. It was difficult for him to adjust to the demands of civilian life and a regular job. Drinks after dinner turned into binges that lasted several days. He became withdrawn from his family, and cut off contact with his old friends. Nick was getting increasingly angry with his wife for no obvious reason, and she wondered if he had a post-traumatic stress disorder. She repeatedly asked him to see his doctor and get help, but he refused, saying that he was fine and just wanted to be left alone.

He became more isolated, refused to contact his old friends, and became increasingly angry for no obvious reason.

Nick’s wife heard that a marine friend of his had recently been able to see an HLN telepsychiatrist by making an online appointment and had found it a very private, non-stigmatizing and helpful process. Nick’s friend convinced him to have an online consultation with a Telepsychiatrist at HealthLinkNow. Talking with the HLN psychiatrist was easy to relate to because he had video conferenced with his wife regularly on all his Iraq tours. He set up regular appointments with his HLN psychiatrist and was able to learn more about PTSD.

Nick learned how to deal with this illness by following the treatment plan and his symptoms improved. His relationship with his wife and children improved and he got back to work. Being able to receive private and convenient care from his home made all the difference to Nick.

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