Clinical Staff

Kimberly Wells

Kimberly Wells, PH.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed in CA

Dr. Wells is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California and has dedicated her life to helping others during times of need. Dr. Wells recognizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the healing that transpires within that connection. In treatment, Dr. Wells creates a warm and empathetic environment while supporting the patient to foster change, hope, and strength.

Robin Hilliard Albertson

Robin Hilliard Albertson, MS, CHES, MA, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed in CA

Robin is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified health education specialist. She specializes in military life issues, relationship and family dynamics, trauma, anxiety and depression. Robin also provides non-judgmental support for racial/ethnic concerns and cultural competency coaching for individuals, as well as counseling for professionals.

Annie Wilson, LCSW

Licensed in CA

With years of experience as a clinical social worker in the Emergency Department, Annie is well-informed in the psychological response to trauma and grief. She is trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and often incorporates these techniques into her therapeutic approach. Annie graduated from the University of Georgia with her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and from San Diego State University with her Master’s degree in Social Work. Annie is an active member in the California Society for Clinical Social Work and provides clinical supervision to aspiring clinical social workers.

Katherine Harding

Katherine Harding, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed in CA

Katherine Harding is very caring and dedicated to helping individuals wishing to improve their lives. She has a great deal of experience treating acute disorders, family violence and child abuse through psycho-educational assessments and therapeutic interventions. Katherine provides support and maintains professional relationships with patients, acting as guide, advocate or critical therapist as needed.

Jennifer Sidener

Jennifer Sidener, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed in CA

Do you want to feel better about your relationships, yourself and discover the things within your past and present that prevent you from living your best life?

With 15 years experience practicing therapy, I specialize in treating anxiety, PTSD/trauma, grief, depression, relationship difficulties, life transitions and stress.

I am passionate about providing a safe, supportive, understanding and nonjudgemental environment along with the tools that will help heal and restore both your rational and emotional mind as well as your body.
I would be honored to meet you and hear your story.

Marni Schneider, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed in CA

Dr. Schneider is a licensed clinical psychologist in California with a passion for providing the utmost quality of services to individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.  She has worked with clients ranging in ages from children to adults and has expertise in both individual and group psychotherapy. Dr. Schneider recognizes the importance of establishing a positive therapeutic relationship that allows clients to feel supported and safe while exploring their emotions and sharing their experiences.

Tani Shaffer headshot

Tani Shaffer, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed in CA

Dr. Shaffer is a licensed clinical psychologist in California with decades of experience in providing psychotherapy to culturally diverse clients and has worked in a great variety of settings with clients’ ages ranging from 3-90 years old. She is particularly interested in helping clients to build a sense of resiliency and confidence to establish and maintain a life worth living. As a partner on your journey, she embraces an approach to thriving in these unprecedented times. In particular, healing modalities include the application of evidence-based interventions such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Biofeedback and somatic interventions (i.e. HeartMath), and more. In addition to being successful in applying these interventions that have been proven to work, Dr. Shaffer is skilled in connecting with her patients through the lens of each client’s unique worldview.

Cynthia Clements

Cynthia Clements, LPC

Professional Counselor

Licensed in TX

I believe sometimes life challenges can impede our current growth, future goals, and the desire to live life to the fullest. These challenges, often, make us feel stuck. I will use my skills and interest in human nature to help individuals, couples, and families learn how to overcome any obstacles through self-reflection and personal narratives. Working together, I can assist with obstacles and or challenges related to depression, anxiety, mood disorders, grief, and overall life struggles to find strength and make positive changes.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas. I graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University. I have training in Cognitive Behavioral Training, Solution Focused therapy, and Narrative therapy. I have over 20 years of experience with behavioral therapy modalities in crisis assessment and counseling, and individual counseling with adults, adolescents, and families. Through my years of experience and own self-reflection, I will empower others to learn how to overcome their own obstacles and live life to the fullest.

Mario Nicolas, Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed in TX, PSYPACT in NV, AZ, GA and PA

Hi, I’m Dr. Mario Nicolas. I am a Ph.D. (Penn State, 2002) trained Clinical Psychologist, with extensive experience in military mental health (Maj [Ret. – 2014]; USAF), clinical neuropsychology (fellowship trained; Univ. of Virginia Medical School [2005-07]), and Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH; past-USAF program consultant [2015-20]). If you want to learn more, check me out on LinkedIn. I provide virtual individual therapy to adults, and am available on weekday evenings and weekend mornings. I consider myself a cognitive-behavioral therapist, strongly influenced by Acceptance Commitment Therapy. My style of interaction is patient-centered & culturally sensitive; and I consider hearing (not just listening-to) my patient’s situation

(your “story”) to be my most important task. I incorporate motivational interviewing, and the science of behavior-change, into everything that I do.

At our initial visit we will go-through a five-stage process:

Stage 1: We discuss legal matters and confidentiality;

Stage 2: We discuss your “story,” and I will a) review information I received about your situation, b) ask you follow-up questions, and c) briefly paraphrase things you are saying (just to make sure I am hearing you);

Stage 3: we spend 1 – 2 minutes summarizing your overall story and checking-in with you to make sure that we are both on the “same page;”

Stage 4: we discuss a plan of treatment that works best for you

Stage 5: we schedule follow-up appointments and/or discuss other administrative matters.

Stewart Streitenberger, DSW, LCSW

Doctor of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed in TX, NV

Dr. Streitenberger is trained in providing treatment for military combat veterans and first responders, utilizing Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).  Dr. Streitenberger specializes in providing clinical treatment for Clients diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to traumatic life events.  He has worked for 13 years at the Veteran’s Affairs in Texas.

Bret Kelly, LMHC

Mental Health Counselor

Licensed in WA

I am a licensed counselor in Washington State and look forward to providing counseling services via telehealth on Saturdays. I practice brief cognitive therapy, exposure response prevention, CBT, solution focused therapy, and have experience with anxiety, depression, OCD and other disorders. In general my style involves unconditional positive regard and abstains from judgement.