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Your passion, inspiration and talents are invaluable to us and our mission to serve others. HLN can provide a place for you to thrive and continue your professional development.

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Why You Should Work For HealthLinkNow

HealthLinkNow takes the worry out of managing your patients online. HLN simplifies your practice by managing the administrative tasks so you can focus on what you do best, caring for you patients. HLN providers reflect on the experience as rewarding with a deeper connection to patients using a video platform. Providers further report high quality assignments that are both challenging and rewarding, which enables the application of years of knowledge and expertise. HLN and patients see dedication and commitment on each connection.

Quality of Life – Greater Work-Life Balance

You have worked all your life to become the professional you are today. Now is the time to look at your quality of life so burnout does not become you. Telepsychiatry and Teletherapy gives you the freedom to make your own schedule and create a plan to allow you to live and operate when and where you find most comfortable. For some this could mean your office, for others, the comfort of your home. You decide how you want to work. You may find another telemedicine program, but you will never find a better group of people to work with you and not against you. If this sounds like the ideal work environment for you, give us a call.

Joint Commission Standards

HealthLinkNow has gone through rigorous assessments and evaluations to become Joint Commission Accredited. What this means to you is that you can be sure we are serious about maintaining a professional and quality program. You will not have to worry about how your services are managed and you work directly with a dedicated Care Navigator or any member of the HLN team to make the process work seamlessly.

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